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BrcAutoBot was born out of a passion for simplifying the crypto experience. Our team of enthusiasts and experts came together to create a telegram bot that makes navigating the vast world of cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to provide users with the tools and information they need to make informed decisions in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. We believe in transparency, innovation, and user empowerment.

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Discover the BrcAutoBot on Telegram!

Introducing the BrcAutoBot Telegram Bot, your trusty companion in the world of crypto exploration. This
innovative bot brings the power of the BrcAutoBot platform directly to your Telegram chat, making token
discovery seamless and efficient.

Ethereum Gas and Price Monitoring

With the /find command, the BrcAutoBot Bot swiftly navigates through a vast array of tokens, ensuring you get instant results tailored to your preferences.

Top Gainers Analysis (24-Hour Period)

A tool to identify top-performing tokens in 24 hours based on volume and price, crucial for traders.

Comprehensive Burn Tracking

Monitor and track token burns, customize for chat environments; essential for understanding tokenomics and supply dynamics.

Zero Tax Token Discovery

A specialized search tool for identifying tokens with zero transaction tax, invaluable for cost-conscious investors and traders.

Age-Based Pair Filtering

An advanced filter categorizes token pairs by age (1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour), aiding risk assessment and portfolio diversification.

Instant Token Search

With the /find command, the BrcAutoBot Bot swiftly navigates through a vast array of tokens, ensuring you get instant results tailored to your preferences.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate through token information effortlessly, thanks to the BrcAutoBot Bot's user-friendly interface designed for simplicity and convenience.

Powerful Filters

Enjoy the same advanced filters available on the BrcAutoBot platform, allowing you to refine your search based on Tax, LP Lock, LP Amount, Market Value, Volume, Pair Age, and more.

On-the-Go Exploration

Whether you're at your computer or on your mobile device, the BrcAutoBot Telegram Bot ensures you can explore and discover tokens anytime, anywhere.

Real-time Alerts

Never miss a beat with real-time alerts for significant market movements and updates, keeping you informed about the latest opportunities.


Telegram Bot

Trading On-the-Go

Take BrcAutoBot with you wherever you go with our telegram bot, ensuring you never miss out on the latest crypto opportunities.

Real-time Alerts

Mobile-friendly Filters

Seamless User Experience

Tokenomic for


Symbol: BAB

Total: 10M

LP: 90%

Marketing: 10%



Contract Address:





Phase 1: Launch and Basic Features

  • Introduce BrcAutoBot with initial token filtering options.
  • Optimize interface and ensure mobile responsiveness.
  • Increase token listings and add LP Lock status.
  • Implement real-time data for up-to-the-minute metrics.
  • Strengthen security with SSL encryption and bug bounty.


Phase 3: Innovation and Integration

  • Explore partnerships for smart contract integration.
  • Implement AI algorithms for predictive insights.
  • Establish partnerships with major exchanges.
  • Introduce new features based on user feedback.
  • Begin development of decentralized governance.


Phase 2: Community and Education

  • Initiate a user forum for discussions and feedback.
  • Expand educational resources on crypto basics.
  • Introduce advanced filtering based on user preferences.
  • Release mobile app updates for a seamless experience.
  • Explore token listings from international markets.